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AirPro Lite White/Gold

AirPro Lite White/Gold

We updated the AirPro Lite for 2024 by offering a new white/gold colorway and adding an elastic cuff across the bottom of the glove for a more secure fit in the wrist area.


Due to the extra snug fit of this glove, please be sure to use the puller tab when putting the gloves on.  Do not pull hard on the wrist opening as this can cause ripping/tearing to the glove.

AirPro Lite is Pro Player's first lightweight negative cut glove.  You can expect a similar fit, feel, and performance to what you see in modern negative cut gloves from the top brands, at a much more affordable price.  Strapped up or strapless, you'll get the same feel as our gk-favorite No Grip Training Glove, with a 4MM Contact latex palm that plays the same as the foams worn by the world's best goalkeepers.



AirPro Lite details


The Cut

Special Negative 


What's so special about our negative cut?  We've eliminated the gussets (material on the sides of the fingers between palm and backhand) on the outsides of the index and pinky fingers to give you a super snug-fitting glove.  We built this glove from the design of our No Grip training glove, after getting feedback from keepers about how much they liked the fit. This cut gives you great feel with a modern fit similar to what's being offered by all the top brands.  

The AirPro Lite features a wrapped negative thumb for pinpoint accurate throws.  


The Palm

4MM Contact Foam


Of all the foams we tested, 4MM Contact is the one we loved the most. It's the same foam on your favorite pro-level gloves from the big brands. You get the same sticky-out-of-the-package performance your game requires at a fraction of the cost.  


The Backhand

3MM PK latex


We chose 3MM PK latex for the backhand, a material that doesn't scuff or chip easily. It also doesn't hold water, so your gloves won't get extra heavy in extremely wet conditions. 


Wrist Entry and Glove Body



Airprene provides the same stretchy tight fit that our No Grip Training Glove provides, but with holes for ventilation to let your hands breathe on those hot days.  It's also a super lightweight material.  The last thing you'll have to worry about is feeling the weight of your gloves on a wet or rainy day. 



Removable elastic wrist strap


Strap? No strap? The choice is yours.  




Glove Care

How to Wash Pro Player Goalkeeping Gloves


We pride ourselves on being the only brand (that we know of) that recommends you machine wash our gloves! We give you the green light to throw these bad boys into the wash with all your training gear once you get off the field. There's no need for fancy glove washes or sprays. Just use your laundry detergent.


Follow these washing instructions:

  • Wash on cold or cool water temperature
  • Avoid extra heavy wash cycles (we recommend delicate to normal)
  • DO NOT machine dry
  • Hang your gloves to dry
  • Once dry, store in a cool place out of direct sunlight
  • Wash as often as every use
  • For best grip performance, use clean gloves


How to Prepare your Pro Player Gloves Gloves for Training or Games


To prepare for training or your next game, follow these instructions:

  • Hold open new or freshly washed glove at the wrist entry
  • Liberally squirt water inside the glove
  • Put on the gloves
  • Make a few fists to soak the water through the glove and onto the palm
  • You're ready to play!
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