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To stay up to date on all potential weather cancellations, please follow @proplayergk on Instagram. 


Below you'll find our approach to weather that would force us to cancel Pro Player goalkeeper training sessions (lightning, extra cold, snow accumulation, freezing rain).



We will always do our best to train in the rain. If there are thunderstorms or severe weather in the forecast, we may choose to cancel before the start of the session. We will do our best to provide that communication two hours before the start of the session. 


If lightning is spotted during a session, we will follow protocols and potentially cancel based on the length of the session. If a session is cancelled before the 40 minute mark, participants will receive a session credit to their account. Cancellations after 40 minutes count as a full session. 



For outdoor sessions...


If weather is bad enough the night before, we'll send out a cancellation notice by 9 PM via email and social media (Instagram @proplayergk) 

If it's "iffy" and we aren't sure what field conditions or temperatures might be like until the day of, we'll send a notification the night before that we'll be making a decision after field inspection.  For morning sessions, that decision communication will typically go out 35-45 minutes before the first session's start time. For evening sessions we'll send out that communication two hours before the start of the session. 

If you're driving in from further away for a morning session, please reach out to us the day before.

If sessions are cancelled for any reason by the staff, you'll keep that session credit to use another time.  If you decide to cancel because you don't want your gk to train in the conditions, no problem.  Just be sure to let the staff know before the session starts so you don't lose that session.

For indoor sessions...

We will only cancel if driving conditions are dangerous.  We'll follow the above communication protocols in those instances.

How to dress to train in the cold weather:

Layers are the key! Tights/compression base layers, long pants, sweatshirt, jacket, winter hat and maybe even a neck warmer is usually a great way to start an early morning cold weather session.  As they get warm in the session, they can peel off the layers. 

All gk's are expected to wear their Pro Player training shirt, but it doesn't need to go over jackets & sweatshirts.  We want the gk's to be comfortable.  

Please contact us with questions!

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